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Assalamualaikum All,

As you know, the Canadian government has committed to bringing in 25,000 refugees from Syria in the coming months. To support that initiative, they have asked several cities to come with plans to support that initiative. Oakville has been asked to prepare to take in around 60 families. Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, Councillor Tom Adam and Halton Region Chair Gary Carr stopped by the masjid last Friday to ask our community for help with this initiative.
Please fill out the form at if you'd like to do your part in helping the refugees that will be settling in Oakville Ontario InshaAllah. This is our opportunity to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and the Sahaba and show our society what real Islam is.

Ways we can help:

- Accomodations (Basement, Empty rooms, Apartments, Low cost rentals, etc)
- Arabic Translation services
- Transportation
- Groceries
- Meals
- Winter Clothing
- Household Essentials
- Babysitting
- Financial Assistance

Please spread the word. Let's welcome our Syrian brothers and sisters like the Ansar welcomed the Muhajiroon to Madina!

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